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From Ljupco Ristovski
The President of MARAN ATHA

Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ gave us in the Bible-the God’s word, the only possible solution for difficulties in our everyday life “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest”  Matthew 12:33 (NIV)

My dear brethrens, the mission Maran atha is a spiritual journey to all, particularly to you who are in difficulties in your lives, who have some kind of problems, who are wake during nights because you can not sleep well, all of you who have some kind of illness or health weakness, probably you can not find a proper job or even a job, all who have marital problems, maybe you are passing a divorce period in your life, or you are in a financial need because of debts, without certain future or simply said without peace in your minds, peace that is like a quite sea, windless air or perfect silence. Can you just for a second imagine all this? Can you think a while is it possible at all? Or…

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Moral Crisis - where is and in what direction Macedonia
is headed - WM015

We live in the so-called modern age, the 21st century, an age of technological revolutions and advancement in all areas of human existence like never before. Generally speaking, never before in history has there been such a prominent progress in the development of humanity.

However, at the same time, never before has there existed such a sharp difference in the knowledge of good and evil.

From ancient times until today, it’s a historically confirmed fact that when the peoples would become more advanced, they would forget about God and would enter a phase of being “all-knowing”, a phase in which they made their own decisions, without having the security and wisdom God’s presence. For example, in the time when Moses led God’s people - Israel, towards the promised land, within that process having delivered them from slavery from the Egyptians, it took the people whole 40 years in stead of the 18 days it would normally take to reach the territory of the country of Israel as we know it today. These 40 years encompassed their flight from God, from His mercy, from His blessings, and from the promises land. God, through Moses, miraculously and in a very evident way delivered them from their enslavement that was going on for centuries. Instead of humbly and gratefully turning to God because of this, they decided to repay Him by disobeying Him, murmuring, expressing incessant discontent, and even entirely turning away from Him by giving into idol worshiping. They bowed down and submitted themselves to the “golden calf”, an idol made with human hands. (Exodus chapter 32)

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