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Oh, Lord Jesus Christ,

Please show Your love towards my nation, You, who kept the covenant of love with
Your servants, with those who follow Your path with all their hearts. May Your eyes be open towards us day and night.

Please, hear this prayer, of Your faithful children in Macedonia, hear
the prayers for repentance of Your people, and when You hear them, please forgive us. Forgive us for our disobedience towards You, Jesus Christ, towards Your Word,
forgive this nation the uncertainty to love You with all their heart, body and soul,
forgive us for not knowing to love the neighbor as we love ourselves.

And please, Jesus Christ, teach us Macedonians to understand Your way, Your truth, and Your life, to get to know You in the real light, in order to inherit salvation, to come to the knowledge which leads to eternal life.

Hear about our hope, Lord, that one day the whole nation of Macedonia will turn towards You in repentance, with faith, hope and love toward Your covenant and Your deeds.

Give us strength, God, to praise You and worship You for Your great works, for Your promise that every nation, people and tongue will confess of You, Lord, that everybody who faithfully confess that You, Jesus Christ, are our Lord and Saviour, will be saved.

And when You will stand next to us, when our thoughts, words and deeds will become one with Yours, when we will seek You with all our heart day and night, You Lord will give us peace and rest as no one else can give to us, You will give us success and prosperity in everything we do, wherever we go.

And may the period that follows, be a period of God’s grace in every family in Macedonia. May we really become a chosen generation, royal priesthood, a holy nation, Your special people, so that we can glorify You, God, You, who took us out of the darkness into Your wondrous light, into Your presence.

To You, our almighty Lord and Saviour, may it be everlasting glory, honour and majesty, now and forever more.


Copyright 2006, Maran atha. All rights reserved.
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