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"Fear from the Lord is the beginning of wisdom” Proverbs 1:7

Not even well upbringing by my parents, not even society’s determination, were enough for me to understand why I couldn’t avoid making some life mistakes, from time to time.

As I was becoming older with growing responsibilities towards my family, the difficulties were increasing. I was pressed by the life itself. I felt like in a tunnel without knowing where I was going. I didn’t know the direction of my life. I was repeating same mistakes periodically.

Even thou I had plenty of success in worldly things; I was not satisfied with my everyday life. Real peace of my mind was lost somewhere.

Going up and down, satisfying myself with temporary successes and diminishing my falsies, I was trying to convince myself that the life was like that and it had to be lived as it was.

But … This was not true.

The world expression that wolf changes its hair but not its character, is worth and true only for wolfs, not for men. The man is a creature submissive to changes, physically as well as in the character. Everyone can change his attitudes for life. But, how, is the big question.

Alone, for sure, he cannot. With somebody’s help – it is questionable too.

My personal life experience showed me, in a most convincing way, under miraculous circumstances, the only way and path of changing personality. That is the God’s way.

As I am a man who likes to deal with solutions not with problems, I started to analyze not my past but my possible outcome from those days’ turbulent life situation. Completely aware that God is in control of everything, fearing from the Lord; I decided to call upon Him “Lord save me” Matthew 14:30. Then, I decided to come out of each and every activity that led me in some kind of trouble - it didn’t matter if it was increasing business problems in those days’ business activities, or party’s arguing about worldly policy issues, aimless policy ambitions, or everything that was at the edge of deceitful behavior, without full sense of responsibility toward my family, my kids and my wife, my parents and my closest friends. I was also completely aware that some falsies were not originally affected by me, but after deeply analyzing the situation, at the end my conclusion was always that it was me who made wrong decisions in certain moments.

Then, I stopped all my business activities, I came out from each and every party’s political activity, and decided to concentrate myself on the only possible solution, in which I deeply and unconditionally believed – the God’s word, the Bible’s teachings, messages and practice. It became my life.

God has kept the promise, as He always does: “He will call upon Me, and I will answer him…”  Psalm 91:15


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