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“If anyone does not love the Lord - a curse be on him. Maran-atha” 1 Corinthians 16:22 (NIV)

The word Maran-atha means, "Lord is coming, soon". It is the final instruction of Apostle Paul's teachings to the Corinthians, and also Apostle John's final instruction in the Book of Revelation. Thus, the last word, the final teaching of the entire Christian Bible is "Maran-atha," which is an Aramaic expression.

There are some explanations that when the word Maran-atha is parsed (broken into parts) as "mara-natha" or "maran-atha," it has two different meanings:
As "mara-natha," it means "Come Lord," or "Lord Come".
As "maran-atha," it means "The Lord is here" or "The Lord has come" or “The Lord is coming, soon”.

The term "Maran-atha" could be used as a salutation, too. “We wait for the blessed hope -- the glorious appearing of our great God and Savior, Jesus Christ” Titus 2:13 (NIV)

The Google's definition of Maran-atha, says that Maran-atha is actually made of two words, meaning "The Lord comes" or "Our Lord is coming".

The Lord's coming is powerful. Watching the Lord’s coming, and being an active part of it, is truely a glorious way to feel His living water on us. Maran-atha!!! Alleluia!

The word Maran-atha has its foundation in the Old Testament. The retention of the Aramaic form can only be explained with the supposition that it was a kind of watchword common to all believers in Israel; and no expression could well have come to be so used if it had not been taken from the Scriptures. It was taken from Malachi 3:1.

\Anathema\. The word seems a bit harsh to us, but the refusal to love Christ (\ou philei\) on the part of a nominal Christian, deserves \anathema\\Maran-atha\. This Aramaic phrase means "Our Lord (\maran\) cometh (\atha\)" or, used as a proleptic perfect, "has come." It seems to be a sort of watchword (1Th 4:14; Jas 5:7; Php 4:5; Re 1:7; 3:11; 22:20), expressing the living hope that the Lord will come. It was a curious blunder in the King James Version Bible that connected \Maran-atha\ with \Anathema\ "Maran-atha."

For what reason is this word used in this sense? No one could really explain the real intentions of Paul in this message to the Corinthians. Some authors think that they were so arrogant in those days and with hardened hearts for Christ, so the main reason was to frighten them about end times and Jesus’ second coming.

However, the good news is that Jesus is coming, for sure. As it was promised to us, during the 700 years before Christ, (Isaiah 7:14) that He will come and it happened with a supernatural preciseness, than we can be sure that it will happen again as it has been foreseen in the Word of God. Alleluia! Because of this forecast and assurance in it, we should all prepare for the coming of Jesus. We must repent for our sins, we must surrender our hearts to Jesus by faith, we must ask for salvation of our souls and we must prove our faithfulness through our minds, thoughts and deeds in our everyday lives.

“Come near, you nations, and listen. Pay attention, you peoples!” Isaiah 34:1 Maaran-atha! Amen.

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