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Name: Maran atha – Macedonian Christian Evangelical Mission

Maran atha is a civil association devoted to spreading and practicing the Christian values of an individual, a group of people or communities.

The association will be active locally, regionally and internationally, in order to influence as many people as possible to practice these Christian principles in every day life, in the mutual relationships with their fellow citizens, at work, in the politics and on every level of communication in general.

The aims of Maran atha are:

1. To intensify the spreading of the Gospel – the Good News, as well as to proclaim and popularize the basic values of Christianity and the Bible as the Word of God.

2. To prompt and promote faith of Macedonians and all other people who live in Macedonia, in the only Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

3. To prompt to reflection, acceptance and practice of the Biblical principles in everyday life of the individual, the group or the community.

4. To strengthen the mutual cooperation among the various Christian denominations in the Republic of Macedonia, in order to act more united and more coordinated in the future for the purpose of bringing Christianity closer to every person.

5. To introduce new educational instruments for spiritual education of the individual, the family as a basic cell of a healthy society, as well as the whole public, in order to bring the Bible closer to ordinary people.

6. To initiate open campaigns for informing the public and the authorities in the Republic of Macedonia, in order to prompt them to practice Christian values, and knowledge and wisdom from the Bible.

7. To initiate a process of reconciliation and understanding among people of different religious and non-religious backgrounds, based on the Biblical principles of reconciliation.

The objectives of Maran atha

The purposes of Maran atha association will be accomplished by communicating and involving the purpose groups through realization of the following objectives:

- publishing magazines, pamphlets, web side, translation of books, use and production of all available video, audio and printed media,
- organizing seminars and other kinds of educational instruments, which will include native and foreign representatives,
- organizing voluntary activities and campaigns for practical achievement of the aims,
- accomplishing local, regional and international cooperation with same or similar associations,
- and other activities of that kind which are not mentioned here.

Copyright 2006, Maran atha. All rights reserved.
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